Yahoo seeks to revive its search engine business

Yahoo seeks to revive its search engine business

Yahoo! Inc. is experiencing a tough time in terms of its search engine business but now the company seeks to turn its game around a complete 360 degree by collaborating Firefox 34. This medium would now be used by Yahoo Inc. to give a boost to their search engine and increase user involvement. The company currently is losing grip on the market share. It is said that only 10 percent of the entire United States population actually uses Yahoo thus now the company focuses to change its game plan and attract a niche audience that starts to favor Yahoo over other search engines. The company is on the verge of redemption for its search engine business.

The market giant at this stage is Google’s search engine which bangs almost 67.3 percent of the entire population in America. After Google it is Microsoft which is reigning over 19.4 percent of the markets share and finally Yahoo’s position in the market has only boosted by 0.3 percent. Now their current market share is 10.3 percent.

Yahoo seeks to revive its search engine business 1

Previously Firefox catered to Google as its search engine but now the company is all set to put an end to its long term bonding and will opt for Yahoo to take over the game for them. The changes in Firefox search engine will be observed in Russia and China to Yandex and Baidu, respectively. Some of the specifications which the upgrade would feature are better security patches, improved features in terms of the search bar, and the new Firefox Hello feature.

This feature is a milestone for the company where now they would be catering to real time conversations such as voice calls using this platform.

Although this will act like a major breakthrough for Yahoo to conquer Firefox search engine but the basic problem they would encounter would remain the same for them. The issue would be to redeem the confidence of its users and acquire a healthy market share. Thus the company is coming up with interactive methodologies which would cater to those people who are sick of the way Google has dominated the search engine domain. This is the change which certain audience was actually waiting for.

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