Yahoo Introduces Search Friendly Update

The American high tech firm Yahoo has tried to make searching easier.

Yahoo Introduces Search Friendly Update

The American high tech enterprise Yahoo wants to appease its electronic mail users. Yahoo news exclaimed that the North American organization is making electronic mail searching simpler as it is equipping its Mail service’s search option with a set of enhancements.

The Mayer headed organization has said that the addition, which would be launched  in the upcoming days, begins with most active users of the firm’s mailing service. It assists you in every way possible to get what you are looking to find . The facility currently lets its users to find a new search results profile that shows all documents, messages and images related with your search related query, that could be a contact name, sentence or a keyword. You can find out all the pictures in your inbox just by mentioning in your photos. After you enter your question, you can opt to sort your results by relevance or by date.

Yahoo group affirmed that the newly designed  tool would also focus on your spelling habits to find the required keywords.  The firm has referred to calendar as an example of a keyword, stating that it would display results for messages containing calendar as well as spelling mistakes such as calendar.

Press sources have reported that if the user is active on other social media websites and forums such as Twitter, Facebook or has LinkedIn accounts, that are linked to his or her Yahoo Mail then their contacts profile details would also be shown. While some of the launched updates such as the search results page could easily be found in rival Gmail, most of the features are new. Google have already synced all the contacts through your contact list, to your Gmail account and on to other applications too which uses your address book.

Market professionals believe that the newly introduced update would not only improve the firm’s reputation but also threaten the interests of  its rivals. It is most likely that the introduction of the new search friendly option would be welcomed by the firm’s customers as it would speed up the process by which they conduct searches.


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