Yahoo Inc. wants to be more social

Being social is what new businesses need to do now. Socializing is extremely important for all businesses as it makes the entire setup very interactive. YHOO understands the need of being interactive and is trying its best to become as social as possible. The company is trying its best to make its electronic mail and other counter ventures similar to social network spaces like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The company thoroughly understands that social linkups are extremely important to govern any business irrespective of how big or small the endeavor might be. They pave way for better and more flourished clientele. The more the forum becomes interactive, the better chances it paves for stable trajectory. The sole aim of the company currently is to “Yahoo to open up to outside content and to tap into the underlying social connections in its properties.” according to the chief executive officer.

Yahoo Inc. wants to be more social 3The basic features which the company aims to provide involve emails in such a manner that they establish bonding among mates so that they stick to this medium. 275 million users will thus strengthen the bond with their closed ones like this. They can thus share information with one another and eventually track each other’s activities as well.

Apart from that the company is also paving way for third party vendors such as Flixster to use their forum and provide entertainment opportunities there. These way clients would not opt for other platforms but simply stick to YHOO and get all they desire under just one umbrella.

Yahoo Inc. wants to be more social 5 The only thing YHOO is not thinking at this point is its prior image. Many people use this forum for the seriousness it offers. Many organizations stick to this portal because it caters to their needs without being extremely over the top. The audience which prefers it this way will not really accept this change and might just opt for subtler version such as Google’s email service. So the company seeks to attract one sect of the audience at the cost of the other.

The question here arises that YHOO wants to make these changes to its homepage and toolbars but how would they make money out of such changes is still an area of concern for skeptics.


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