Will Netflix Be Able To Tempt Australian Viewers

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Netflix is all set to launch in Australia but will it be able to tempt customers towards its streaming service.

The most awaited launch of Netflix is close now. The company as well as the viewers of the regions is pumped up as the online streaming service giant is all set to make its way in the market. Prior to its launch, established local companies like Foxtel and Quickflix are afraid with the competition Netflix will be bringing with itself. Foxtel recently announced that it will launch its new service just hours before the big launch to compete the streaming giant in the industry. Hence, the question remains whether Netflix be able to lure away the Australian viewers.

The company has a lot to prove in a very big market. To be fair, an individual is not happy by just subscribing to one service because of his unlimited desires. Netflix (NFLX) currently dominates the US market but yet people in the United States have Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime along with Netflix. Therefore, one streaming service is never enough as one might have access to the shows other would not have.

The service currently has three local competitors that might make it difficult for it to make a mark in the country; Stan, Quickflix, and Presto. These services have great offerings to provide to their customers but all of them are limited to a reach. Presto is limited for users to access on tablets, smartphones, and chromecast.

The online streaming giant is all set to launch on March 24 and in order to give the best plan to its viewers to subscribe to its online movies and TV shows service; it will be offering same catalogues and pricing plans. Netflix already has more than 340,000 Australian viewers signed up for the service through VPNs. However, it plans to dominate the whole region once it enters the market.

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Netflix has promised to offer more than 1,500 titles to the viewers and it has said to expand to 2,000 in the coming times. The Australian library of the streaming giant will be massive however it will not be as large as United States’. Moreover, “While some Australian titles won’t be available in the US, there’s very little locally that will be compelling enough to trade away more than 6,000 extra offerings,” The Guardian reports.

Furthermore, the viewers will be allowed to stream unlimited hours on Netflix as the streaming data will not be included in the download limits of them. This is all because Netflix signing a deal with iiNet.

Netflix has a lot to offer once it launches it service. The pay TV cable is only used to watch live sports and its demand and use is reducing day by day. Hence, the giant will have to show whether it has what it takes to dominate the market or not.

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