Walmart and its holiday promises

Walmart and its holiday promises 1WMT has a very negative image in terms of offering n necessary rights to its employees; it is generally referred to as a controversial employer. It is also considered to be an international aggressor and a bad governor of online retail business. Despite all the flaws associated with WMT one thing cannot be denied that it is the most important retailer and all its initiates not only affect the other retailers but also has an impact on shoppers, the business fraternity and the economy as a whole.

Walmart and its holiday promises 2This year the company has vowed that it will not sell nay product underpriced but will use a variety of different methods such as matching prices online, various promotional offers etc. to ensure that everybody chooses WMT this holiday season. The company understands that they are likely to experience massive competition this year but their major competitor would be Target. It is likely that both the retailers would go head to head and make sure that they do not leave opportunity for their competitors. On the other hand Kohl, Best Buy and even Macy can be considered a good competition with all the value they are offering.

Walmart and its holiday promises 3Amazon can also change the game for many competitors since they have the potential to influence almost 80 million product prices in a day. Other than that in general WMT retailers can also experience better shopping in stores where they can actually experience price differentiation other than budget friendly deals. According to Forbes, “Wal-Mart has pledged to open every register in all stores that sell general merchandise during peak shopping hours. The “checkout promise” is intended to help speed what most shoppers say is the most frustrating part of the in-store experience and alleviate abandoned shopping carts, i.e. lost revenue.”

Walmart Los AngelesThe company previously experienced a tough time to offer customers the experience they generally deserve. Most of the time their shelves were messy, mismanaged and under stocked but now with the new managements take over it is expected that the experience might just be comparatively better. Online shopping can really not govern a company’s business. The best way to judge that is to see their in store sales. So now everything for WMT lies on the sales of their products in house.

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