Wal-Mart leaves no stone unturned

Wal-Mart leaves no stone unturned 1

Most of us are aware that WMT planned to go early this holiday season and thus for the same reason launched their pre Black Friday Weekend. The initiate was a thought out and well planned initiate to captivate the market during the important holiday season. The company reported of better earnings after 2 dark years of sale. The strategy assisted them in backing revenues by launching their aggressive sales campaign through pricing and working on the dynamics of their established E-commerce business.


The real test does not really depend on the aggressive pricing or E-commerce business but is primarily reliant on their Black Friday offers and promotions. This year the company promised to raise the bar a level higher by making promotions far more aggressive than what they delivered the previous year. The company at a press event stated that their Black Friday promotions will begin from November 21st 2014. This is exactly a week before other retailers initiate their promotional activity. Moreover the items on sale are expected to double this year in comparison to what it was the previous year. The company seeks to engross all buyers belonging to any social sector. The holiday season at WMT will be for everybody who wishes to rejoice within their limited budget.

Wal-Mart leaves no stone unturned 3In general it is expected that overall the sales graph of USA is likely to increase by 1 percent this holiday season. So the retailers are in no mood of losing even one potential client. It is the beginning of an enchanted battle. Each item sold will thus make a difference and retailers will battle it out to make it all happen. “We are cautiously optimistic that if we can keep doing what we’re doing—which is seeing some improved trends in traffic—that translates into some decent sales,” stated the CEO of Wal-Mart.

Some of the salient features of this year’s holiday season would be more deals and offerings for a comparatively longer period of time. WMT will give you the opportunity to match prices with fellow competitors so that you are assured that you have got the best price. The E-commerce store will this year be loaded with more products enriching experience of online buyers and lastly the stores will also be promoting online buyers. Hence they would get the facilitation they require.

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