Wal-Mart employees discontent

Wal-Mart employees discontent 1

WMT was all set to embrace the holiday season with all zeal and zest since they wanted to give a boost to their bad trimestral. The company was experiencing a tough time and to counter that they had plans to redeem their position through Black Friday. The company enthusiastic about the change they wanted in their sales had planned many promotions and offers that could help them sustain in the competitive market of retailers.

Despite all these efforts it had been deduced that the company would tumble again on Black Friday. This day was badly sought after by the company since it would be their first step to make a difference in general. Thus on the day where one group of consumers will be head to head to counter the bargaining consumers who would be fighting to get their hands on aisles loaded with reasonable goodies. The other lot would be restricted by the employees who would be protesting on this grand day.

Wal-Mart employees discontent 2

Black Friday was a hopeful sermon for WMT where they hoped to sail swiftly across the shore but now a group of employees have scheduled their protest on the same day where they would be asking for better wages and reasonable schedules. This is not the only year where unions have planned a protest on Black Friday but since the past three years such protests have been organized by the employee union at WMT. According to sources, this protest will involve almost 1600 Wal-Mart outlets. This is expected to be massive in nature.

Since the plan is in its initial stages thus the protestors were not really sure about the number of people who would attend the event. Previously 1200 outlets had been involved in the protest but the company denies this allegation by stating that the data is manipulated. The basic claims which would be made during the protest are their wages to be raised to $15 for each hour they serve. The work hours need to be increased and also their schedules need to be made more defined to avoid inconvenience.

Previously allegations were also raised by the National Labor Relations Board, which claims that WMT threatens its workers for organizing protest. To side their stance they added almost 19 workers were fired for being involved in such protests and 40 were warned to avoid such activities.

WMT at one points wants to make a comeback but fails to understand the importance of having a devoted workforce.

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