Wal-Mart aces Cyber Monday

Wal-Mart aces Cyber Monday 1

Wal-Mart was all set this holiday season to make shopping experience for consumers worthwhile. The company had their pre Black Friday sales and also catered to its consumers on Thanksgiving. The company after suffering tremendously for the past few years is not stable again. After successful sales and promotions on Black Friday, the company is extremely happy with how Cyber Monday went. The company understands the importance of the holiday season and would leave no stone unturned in order to make it work for them.

According to WalMart on Cyber Monday the company experienced numerous orders of merchandises online which they had not experienced earlier. The turnout of the promotion was massive which sought to attract everyone resulting in an unexpected turnover for them. Earlier during the holiday season the company did coin promotions for online and mobile users but the response was not as vulnerable as on Cyber Monday. According to Fortune, “Cyber Monday” saw the most online orders in a single day in the retailer behemoth’s history, with a bulk of traffic in the early days of the holiday season derived from mobile devices.”

Wal-Mart aces Cyber Monday 2

According to sources the Monday which came after thanksgiving accounted for 70 percent of the entire traffic they observed on the online forum for the past week. In the weeks’ time the Wal-Mart website visitors visited almost 1.5 billion pages which broke all previous records. The company did mention that the sales were skyrocketing but they still did not provide essential graphs or data regarding it. According to sources the growth in their Ecommerce business was about 8.1 percent as compared to the previous year. This is actually lesser than what they perceived this year to be.

The sales and promotions have been quite catchy but Wal-Mart has actually killed the feel of one day sale. When a sale lasts for a day the anxiety within shoppers is aggressive that results in massive gain but now when Cyber Monday would actually stretch for a long time then shoppers gets a leverage and their anxiety drops. Wal-Mart has gone long this season in terms of sales and promotions.

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