Uber Driver Alleged For Abusing An Indian Female Passenger

Uber has suffered from a setback as one of its drivers has been alleged for harassing a female passenger.

Uber Driver Alleged For Abusing An Indian Female Passenger

Uber’s driving partners are alleged for harassing a female passenger, as reported by Uber news. A female passenger has complained that a firm’s driver has forcibly abused her while driving to Gurgaon. She stated that the driver asked her to shake hands with him and when she complied with his request, he attempted to kiss her. The accused person, Vinod, has been arrested.

Uber news today informed that the victim’s brother had strongly criticized the firm, as he has posted on Facebook that my sister employed your taxi service and your driver mistreated her. He added that no action has yet been taken against the alleged person. Social media sources have reported that the post has been shared several hundred times.

The management of the transporter has responded by stating that our officials were quick enough to contact the rider and immediate action has been taken against the alleged driver even while the issue is being investigated. Government sources have responded that the law enforcers of the area have lodged a First Information Report (FIR).

Uber technologies highlighted that charges of molestation have been filed against the culprit. Company sources say that the blamed driver was not only licensed by the Delhi authorities, but was also properly screened by the transporter company. This is not the first time such incident occurred in India, which further raised controversies in the public.

The Indian police officials have stated that Uber’s management is consulted for necessary details. The transporter has maintained a very controversial record in its second largest market, as one of its drivers was previously alleged for sexually abusing a female passenger. In the aftermath of that incident, the company was forced to temporarily discontinue its operations in the Indian capital.

The San Francisco based company had claimed that it had improved its safety measures and established some security mechanisms to safeguard its customers from dealing with the malicious intentions of drivers. Experts presented their view that the recently filed complaint suggests that the efforts of the organization have failed. It is probable that the alleged misconduct of the company’s driver would damage Uber’s global reputation.

Industry experts believe that if such incidents keep occurring, then the cab service would fail to survive in the transport market of the second most populated country in the world. It should now develop strategies and take steps to select its driving partners in the most effective manner, or its customers would continue to suffer in the Indian territory.


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