How Twitter will be in 2015?

How Twitter will be in 2015 1

Recently, Twitter is known as one of the most used social media networking platform which is used for networking and making connections. Being one of the most successful companies in the market, the company has its footprints all around the world. Moreover, twitter is one of the most used social media network on which they are active when you talk about celebrities and athletes. The company did a good business in 2014 and it is expected to be better in the coming years. Hence the predictions of how Twitter will be in 2015 are already planned.

How Twitter will be in 2015 2

The company officials say “We’ve always prioritized growth. But there was more of a banging on the table situation [after the IPO].” Twitter has already changed a lot and many more changes are expected to come in the near future. The company introduced a curated timeline for new users to reduce the friction of having to find people to follow when first signing up on the social network and for existing users who just have not found the most engaging conversations to follow. Hence, Twitter hopes to improve user onboarding and retention as there will nothing be missed by the users on Twitter now.

How Twitter will be in 2015 3Moreover, the company has also introduced another feature which will allow the users to take a certain tweet to private conversations. Now, a user can discuss tweets or some public conversations more easily and privately. Anthony Noto, the new CFO of the company said “Obviously, Twitter will always be a real-time network. That is our No. 1 priority when we think about the user experience. But there are time periods when something incredibly relevant to you as a user could have occurred hours ago before you open the Twitter app. And we will see unique opportunities like that to give you content that’s incredibly relevant, even if it’s not based on what happened most recently.”

The company is also trying to be a bit like Facebook when it comes to standalone apps. Facebook has various standalone apps as compared to Twitter. Hence the company is pushing hard to release more standalone apps in order to be more nimble and better cater to specific use cases.

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