Twitter taking a cue from Facebook on Auto plays video ads

Twitter taking a cue from Facebook

Twitter Inc. is following the foot step of Facebook Inc. to launch auto play video advertisements.

Taking a signal from Facebook Inc., Twitter is all set to test its features of auto play video for Apple users, Facebook launched it in the year 2013, and in 4QFY14 the company declared that the feature assist them to play almost 3 billion videos each day. Twitter is optimistic about the feature and is hoping to witness a similar outcome following by its new video feature in to its app earlier this year to enable users to upload thirty seconds videos.

During the testing, a number of users will automatically see complete video while some of them will watch a selected 6 seconds loop after they press the play button. This will make the videos attractive and will increase user’s likelihood to pay attention.

Earlier last month, Royal Bank of Canada capital markets and Advertising age conducted a poll and found out that almost 9% advertisers have purchased video ads on Facebook. Though, an extra 54% specified that they are looking to buy Facebook video ads in the coming 6 months. The per click rate on ads is gradually increasing at Facebook causing an increase in ad purchase and high prices. Last year, RBC projected that Facebook will be able to sell video ads worth of $700 million which amounts for 50% of total revenue of Twitter in 2014.

Facebook has been working on video longer than Twitter, and it has a larger audience than its social network, but Twitter is a viable alternative for advertisers for a couple of reasons.

FB has working longer than Twitter on video ads, and its audience is much bigger than its peer, while TWTR is practically better alternative for the marketers for some reasons.

Firstly its audience is big and it claims that almost 500 million visitors every month do not log in. at the start of 2015, the company started to monetize its syndicated users by putting ad units inside the feeds like Flipboard.

Social media giant has constantly investing enormously in video ads in 1QFY15, by adding features that enable the user to make video with in the twitter app.

Twitter Inc. is becoming thoughtful regarding video ads and it has to. As the digital video marketing is growing rapidly and equaled to around $6 billion in United States alone in 2014 and is most likely to surge to $7.77 billion in 2015. Getting 1% of the total market will make around $1.25 billion in revenue through ad.


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