Twitter A Shortcut To Catch Up With A Large Audience

Still, there are many people who are misunderstanding the purpose of TWTR and due to this misconception people are thinking and considering that having a twitter account is futile. But the fact is using twitter and having your personal account there have different benefits.

Each of us has had and still living a different life, with unique hobbies & passion. This has made us known as a specialized species. Let’s take a look. What if we all get a chance to peek in each others mind and share our opinions related to the roads we have never travelled? Well with twitter now it’s possible.

Twitter (TWTR) is a skeleton, which can be managed by us. As a user we bring twitter to life. On this platform, we can share everything, which we have on our minds. On this social media forum we can talk about anything and this could result in as a tool of distilling understanding of the world into the most absorbable format.

Imagine a scientist, reading and exploring more about the new advanced technology all day. Via TWITTER it has been possible for themselves to share their research with the world and the most challenging part of them in this entire sharing process is to compress what they have researched from the past days into 140 characters and tweet them on this social networking site. This is one perfect example for us to believe how Twitter could be useful and how sharing your thoughts with the world could be so simple and effective.

Ever visualizing these facts, we all know that these tweets won’t make us high tech experts in all areas, but the fact is in this competitive environment we don’t have time to hold the details of everything. Twitter has been a path and a shortcut and the best alternative for sharing your views and reading with a large audience in no time.



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