Twitter making searching for tweets efficient

Twitter making searching for tweets efficient 1

While working on a bug, an engineer working for salesforceDOTcom found a tweet that helped him resolve a problem. He used to refer to the tweet whenever he encountered a difficulty but as soon as a week passed, he found the tweet had disappeared. This caused immense disturbance for him and hence he experienced a situation which most Twitter users face. Most of the times when one goes back to find a certain tweet; there are strong chances that the tweet has been lost thus Paul Burgstein decided to make a difference in this mechanism.

Twitter making searching for tweets efficient 2

When TWTR was launched the agenda behind the website was fairly simple. The company planned to live the moment thus the tweets were for a limited time and later removed. Burgstein realized that this is not the way people would like it to be since he experienced a reservation then there might be other people too suffering from similar issues. . “I felt like there were interesting search problems to be solved,” he says.

After this Paul Bergstein made his to TWTR and thus decided to make a difference. He along with a team of engineers has been working since the past three years to make past tweets available. When he started with the mechanism they reviewed tweets sent over the past week and eventually made their way to tweets sent since the website was launched in 2006. This way they made their way long back and now finally in 2014 they have found a way to make the tweets visible. Their project is now complete.

Twitter making searching for tweets efficient 3On 19th November, 2014 the company has made its search engine service effective thus now TWTR users can search for Tweets present in their archive. This is not the first time that such a service has been developed. Previously there were such applications that could help in locating deleted tweets and they were fairly successful too. But this new search engine is TWTR’s initiate to evolve with the need of time. With the past faced world, the needs of the society are changing on a regular basis thus the company has now come on par with the evolutionary world.

The search engine in its initial stages now where it is searching few keywords but with the passage of time it is expected that the product will get better.

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