Twitter and its keyboard shortcuts

Twitter and its keyboard shortcuts 1

Shortcuts have made the world easier for computer users. As the world is advancing with technology, the utilization of computers has become mobilized and more portable. People now prefer using high end smartphones over desktop computers and laptops. Laptops still exist as they are portable and easier to carry and stuff, but desktop computers rarely exist for this generation. Hence people are used to use Twitter on smartphones more than laptops and computers. Therefore, such users of Twitter are alien to its website. It is believed that many Twitter users access the service on their mobile devices but sometimes all these users are left with its Website version.

However to make things easy for such users, the best way to make navigating and tweeting easier is to learn a few keyboard shortcuts. In recent times, Twitter has changed which keystrokes do what, as well as quietly added new ones. The keyboard shortcuts of Twitter are classified in three different categories that manages actions a user can perform on Twitter, how to navigate, and how to manage and explore your timeline.


Twitter and its keyboard shortcuts 2

The following keyboard shortcuts will help a user to perform different actions which are as follows:

  • N to compose a new tweet
  • Ctrl + Enter to send a tweet
  • Escape to exit the compose window as well as any other popup
  • F to favorite a tweet
  • R to reply to a tweet
  • T to re-tweet a tweet
  • M to send a direct message
  • U to mute a user
  • B to block a user
  • Enter to open tweet details
  • L to close all open tweets


The following keyboard shortcuts will help a user to navigate and move around Twitter

  • J to move to the next tweet
  • K to move to the previous tweet
  • Space to move down a page
  • Shift + Space to move up a page
  • . to bring up the next set of tweets and take you to the top of the page
  • / to go to the Search box


The following keyboard shortcuts will help a user to manage timeline and switch tabs within Twitter. These buttons require hitting two buttons in succession

  • G then H for Home
  • G then N for Notifications
  • G then A for Activity
  • G then R for Mentions
  • G then D for Discover
  • G then P for Profile
  • G then F for Favorites
  • G then L for Lists
  • G then M for Messages
  • G then S for Settings
  • G then U for any user’s timeline

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