Twitter Hires First Managing Director For China

A new key executive is hired by Twitter in China with hopes to grow in the region.

Twitter has made an addition to its workforce but this time, it is in China, which now has a new managing director. The micro blogging site seeks growth in the region and find more advertisers, which might not be hard since the country has a huge amount of population.

The social media network new addition, Kathy Chen has been at the managing post at major companies such as Microsoft and even Cisco. Currently the social media platform is actually blocked by China but the company is still seeking for businesses who wish to advertise what they do via the network so that they can gather an international audience.

The social media advertising company is blocked in China since 2009 but that does not seem like a hurdle. It has an office situated in Hong Kong where its team is working to get different companies in China to come and advertise via Twitter. The company sees future success in the region, which is why it has taken the step to grow in the area. Growth is a sensitive and essential thing for the social media giant at this moment since its user number has been stuck for very at 320 million, which it needs to desperately change to succeed.

The CEO and Co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey welcomed Kathy to his company by posting a tweet and announcing her as the MD of China. Chen is going to work with potential customers and lure more to advertise themselves through the micro blogging site. The advertising will be on a global scale, which the companies of greater China should see that the platform is used by millions worldwide. Twitter will seek for partners, developers and all kinds of clients in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Twitter is mostly making efforts to get clients who have data analytics tools, however doing this will not be easy since the company’s rivals such as Facebook are also trying to do the same in China. The new MD, Kathy said that she is seeking to make more values for Chinese developers, partners, enterprises and creators. Twitter already has companies like Lenovo and Huawei that pay it for promotional purposes.

This time Twitter Inc. is not focusing on users but businesses in China, since it has been blocked in the region since 2009. Google is also seeking for developers in China and for better relationships with them and other Chinese advertisers.

Kathy Chen has experience of what she has been hired to do at the micro blogging company, and might make progress in China soon.

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