Twitter Ads Reporting Feature For Abusive Language And Threats

Twitter Ads Reporting Feature 1

Twitter adds quality filter to ensure a safer platform.

Twitter Inc. has gone extremely blatant when it comes to   dealing with social harassment cases. The social media network has dealt with several issues in the past that have resulted in massive turmoil for them so that they do not want any more issues to arouse.

Everyday TWTR is making one change or the other that can assist them in overcoming harassment of any nature. This is an extremely positive step by the company who are very keen about dealing with such cases and making the platform safer for use by their diversified user base.

Previously, the chief executive officer of Twitter, Dick Costolo made several statements that were leaked in February. After which the company has decided to roll out certain tools that will allow users to overcome threats, abuses or any such content that is either illegal or offensive.

This means that the company has modified its reporting capabilities. For some this primarily means that the nasty content will continue to persist on the platform. The only difference is that users can be more efficient while dealing with content of such nature.

However, things have now changed to a great extent since Twitter launch a filter that will assist users in making changes. A filter pop up was observed by several Twitter users that ignited anticipation amongst many. After this a Twitter spokesperson reported that the company has rolled out “quality filtering” which is being offered currently only to a limited number of users that are verified. So for now, users who need to enjoy this feature need to tweak their notification setting on their iOS app.

Twitter iPhone app

Then filter itself provides information regarding its features. It currently states that any reply that contains any form of threat whatsoever, abusive/offensive language or copied content that is being regulated by suspicious accounts will not be entertained. However, at this stage we do not know whether Twitter will classify such content itself or not.

This new filter will replace tailored, the company’s previous filter that was available with verified users. However, those unverified users that had access to tailored can also modify their settings in the times to come.

In case, you are one of those users that has been dealing with absurd content or threats then the future ensures a safer Twitter platform.

However, at this stage the quality filter is not accessible to verified accounts and it is also too early to predict a wider roll out will come in future or not. Hence Twitter’s efforts are commendable for the changes the wish to make. Moreover,  twitter stocks will benefit too through the

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