Twitter to Acquire Periscope a live streaming service app

Twitter to Acquire Periscope a live streaming service app

According to TechCrunch sources, Twitter Inc. is seeking to acquire Periscope that is a live streaming application, allowing user to video chat any time with their friends, followers.

As reported by publication sources, the arrangement could be valued $100 million, although another source said that it will only be valued at specific portion of that valuation. Currently, Meerkat a similar type of streaming app is getting popular among Twitter users as they use it to broadcast their activities on laptops, Pc’s and smartphones in real time. At the end of the streaming, a user can also download the video and share it on different websites like YouTube.

The application is incorporated with Twitters and publishes tweets along with the video. It also has a view icon that’s shows the link of the person profile watching the video. However, as compare to Meerkat, Periscope is more refined and developed.  Acquiring the application at this moment will bring advantage to the social website as its platform is based on immediate updates.

Lately, Twitter has been persuading impending user’s visiting the website but don’t sign up. This application is just like Factime of Apple Inc. as it also provides video chatting too. Although, video chatting is getting very common, a developed and easy to setup procedure is the only reason users are considering the app.

Furthermore, an app like this can also be used on Facebook, Google+ or snapchat and other different social media. For instance, celebrities who use social media like Twitter or Facebook can broadcast themselves live and can share their thoughts, talk about their movies or even a question and answer session.

These days with smartphones networks being stronger than before and mobile phones with high cameras, the action are possible. In Twitter case, in an event the user can even start the broadcast before the conventional media get there and get a chance to organize.

This new development is beneficial for bloggers, reporters and activists as well. Lately, Amazon Inc. also bought, which is used to broadcast video games internationally live. These kinds of services are attaining popularity with the probability that majority of social media companies will adopt this service.

Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) has dropped by 2.77% last week and plunged 2.62% in the past four weeks. The micro blogging company has disappointed the index by nearly 3.37% in past four weeks. Investors should keep their eye on more signals and be cautious while trading the stock.

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