The Secret To Burger King Most Successful Fast Food Chain Company As New “Creepy” Commercial Released

Miami-based burger chain has outperformed Wendy’s and McDonald.

The Secret To Burger King Most Successful Fast Food Chain Company

Burger King Worldwide Inc. (NYSE:BKW) seems to be giving McDonald’s and Wendy’s a bit of a run for their money. It has been posting continuous monthly sales gain just when fast food retailers are struggling to retain existing customers, let alone attract new ones, due to the consumers starting to be attracted towards healthy alternatives, as health awareness in the face of rising costs makes it unaffordable for many.

However, this has not stopped the success of Burger King, the Miami-based fast food restaurant chain, for one reason though – simplicity in aesthetics, taste, and most importantly, fresh and healthy products, according to Citi analysts.

The analysts cite Burger King launching successful limited offers, such as adding sauces, cheese, or other components of the burger without making it complex, and that has enabled it to introduce successful promotions, such as two sandwiches for less than $5.

The ‘tick’ is that Burger King, whilst using the existing ingredients, was able to come up with new menu items, helping to entice new customers at the same time not making its workers perplexed by a large volume of customers or slow down service due to delays in cooking a meal, if complex ingredients are involved.

Case in point: the bacon chess burger is almost similar to the classic, as it contains patties, bacon, and American cheese. The only difference being is that it is topped up with A1 consumers, elevating the simple burger to a whole new level, which in other words mean that most of the items present were already available, just that the unique combination makes it a whole new different item, with a little bit of innovation and creativity.

McDonald’s, on the other hand, is seeing long waiting lines for the simple reason that they have a very complex menu, and there are questions whether McDonald’s CEO’s new plan of action will be able to address that matter. To be clear, Americans are still strapped by income despite the recovery from the economic downturn since the last six years, but are willing to go out to selective fast food restaurants, which value their time of money.

Meanwhile, Burger King has released a new “creepy” commercial after a five-year hiatus, featuring the return of the plastic headed royal. A spokesperson said that it conveys “the confident and bold spirit of the Burger King brand, which you can see comes to life in everything we do.” It remains to be seen if this is the beginning of the new reign for the King.


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