Tesla Goes Employee-Shopping At Apple


Tesla has been ‘picking apples’ lately. The car maker has acquired a good number of 150 Apple employees over the past couple of days which is the greatest number of employees that Tesla has hired from any other company. These employees include engineers, HR workers and lawyers.

The fierce business ties that Tesla has with Apple have come out clear in the hiring process of old Apple workers that Tesla has been seen executing.

One of the most prominent ex-Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) employee that Tesla got their hands on was Doug Field who worked as a chief technology officer and looked after the hardware and product design at Apple. He has worked on products like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and was content with what he did at the company. But in 2013, Tesla offered him the post of the vice president of its vehicle program and Field happily accepted it.

What he had to say after his hiring was that he was pleased to be a part of a company like Tesla which gave him and others an opportunity to build and create the best cars in the world. He also added that Tesla was one of the most innovative companies of the Silicon Valley.

According to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, Apple’s design policy and philosophy is closely related to which Tesla follows, that minutely explains the number of employees hired from Apple. At this comment, Apple refused to give a remark.

Tesla was founded in 2003 and over a period of 12 years it has become one of the best electronic car producers in the world. One of the main reasons of the company’s success is that it knows how to keep a balance between good design and performance of the cars that they make.

Tesla Goes Employee-Shopping At Apple 2According to an ex-employee of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) , its CEO Musk is obsessed with competing with Apple. He also recruits the same kind of employees that Apple does; hardworking, focused and who has a knack of paying attention to detail.

If one closely looks at Tesla’s cars, the influence that Apple seems to have on the company’s cars would be evident. The luxurious car that it makes has a huge 17 inches screen that controls all of the functions of the car, from turning on the air conditioner along with opening and closing the all-embracing roof of the car.

Rumors say that Apple has tried to fight back by employing sofme of the Tesla employees by offering them a 60% raise in the salary, but has ended up acquiring only a small number as compared to the opponent company’s stunt.

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