Tesla Car Customers Demand For More Charging Stations

The auto making giant is being questioned by customers as to when it plans to establish more charging stations for their EVs in the country.

Tesla Car Customers Demand For More Charging Stations

According to the most recent news, Tesla is being questioned by annoyed customers why there are not enough charging stations that will make it easy for them to use their electric cars without facing so many issues.

So far, there has not been any update from the auto making giant on the topic and customers’ aggression just seems to be growing more than ever. The fact that the sales of the electric vehicles being produced by the auto giant have plummeted by a huge difference in the past couple of quarters is something that cannot be denied. However, the charging stations, on the other hand, are still in a little number as compared to the number of EVs that are now found on the road and this has become a huge hassle for the users.

The Tesla customers are of the opinions that the smart car makers need to ponder upon the fact that the increasing number of EVs and the not so increasing charging stations in the country are going to turn out to be a huge problem for the ones who own the hybrid cars. Not only this, but this will also make new users to not opt for electric cars as the time taken to charge the car’s battery is a little bit too much. Analysts are of the opinion that if this massive problem is not looked after by the firm right away, it is expected that the relationship that the firm has with its customers, the one that has been built offering excellent services and hybrid vehicles over the period of years, is going to get affected in the worst possible way in a blink of an eye.

The time that the customers are usually seen spending on these charging stations is by no ends fair and the long lines seen on these pumps make the customers quite bothered about recharging their cars. Even though Tesla has been offering free charging to its customers who own a car made by the company, it seems that this is not enough for them as waiting for their turn on the stations has annoyed them to no end.

Furthermore, it should be noted that even though millions of dollars have been spent on the project of offering free charging for electric cars, Tesla needs to focus on establishing more pumping stations all over the country in order to facilitate the people in the best possible way and make sure that recharging their electric batteries does not become a nuisance in their busy schedules.

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