Success of Novartis

Novartis is paving its way to success as their new heart failure drug has become a major game changer in the field of health sciences.  Stephen Nissen who is a cardiologist at Cleveland clinic stated, “The first new heart failure drug in decades.” Another skeptic stated that Food and Drug Administration do not find any flaw in the heart failure drug then it will be a massive win for the company. MDCO


This drug has now been given the code name as LCZ96, was raised to be tested against a conventional pill used for heart failure namely enaapril which belongs to the family of those drugs that are used for converting enzymes. This drug is commonly used to cure such diseases. The results were extremely fruitful; the new drug seemed to reduce the disease by 20%. Patients were less likely to die or get hospitalized because of cardiac failure. This trial was proved to be fruitful in those patients who were already sick and their heart had difficulty in pumping blood whereas those patients whose heart doesn’t refill blood have not been tested yet.


This clearly indicates that Novartis is all set to add to its revenues. This drug will be a breakthrough in health care and usually heart failure drugs do not prove to be of much benefit hence there is not much competition in the market which it needs to bother about. Moreover the pricing of this drug is hence up to Novartis. They know that there is need for such a breakthrough thus they would cash this opportunity.


When it comes to cardiac care there are not much options present in the market that can limit extreme circumstances thus the market for such drugs is present. Usually it has been seen that drugs of this sort tend to fail with all the hype created but the test done by Novartis with such favorable results that out of 100 patients 3 did not have to go to hospital and 3 survived death, the future of this drug is optimistic and Novartis is now on the verge of success.

Merck and Eli Lilly have been working on certain drugs whose results are expected in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Analysts feel that these drugs will not have much to offer but the breakthrough would occur when these drugs actually work. The future of healthcare would the changed completely.


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