Software Makers Building Apps for Wearable Devices Using Platform, being one of the most exciting and well-known company in the information technology world, it also has the leading platform of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) well ahead of its competitors. Being the best platform out there for businesses of every scale size, software makers are now looking to start making applications for wearable devices using platform.

salesforce2 has already established a new platform named Wear. Recently, Wear is gaining immense popularity and a lot of attention for building business oriented applications for smart glasses and other wearable technology devices. Software makers have diverted their attention to this platform. In a short span of three month time since the launch of Wear platform, seven companies have already contacted and used this platform to build health care, facial recognition, field service and other applications.’s senior vice president, Daniel Debow said “The news comes as companies continue to weigh the business benefits of using wearable devices in primarily “deskless” environments such as factory floors, operating rooms or on the road during service calls.”

The customer relationship management (CRM) service company has expanded its footprints in the wearable technology market and has developed a program to include a handful of new enterprise-based wearable devices. Daniel Debow further adds “The explosive growth of Salesforce Wear has validated the need for a unified platform to bring together software companies, wearable device manufacturers and developers wanting to create apps that will enable companies to connect with customers in entirely new ways.”


The future is strong for wearable devices and its surrounding projects as Gartner expects that wearable devices will drive 50 percent of total mobile app interactions. Hence new acquisitions have helped the company to further strengthen its position in the wearable devices market. This will further help the company’s platform to gain more attention of the companies towards itself.

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