Samsung patent for Smartwatch can be troublesome for Apple and Motorola

Samsung patent for Smartwatch

New patent filings revealed that Samsung is busy advancing its own version of a stylish smartwatch.

In the recent trend of filing of patents disclosed by patently Apple, Samsung has deceptively been given a trickle of Smart watch patents. According to the diagram issued by the company, it would be making a smart watch with round display.

It looks like that the Korean company is trying to enter the business by launching its smartwatch to give tough competition to the extremely anticipated Apple iWatch and the stylish Moto 360. When Apple Inc. disclosed its early patent filing news for its soon to be launched smart watch in 2013, reports spread like wildfire- which will be available for pre orders in coming week in 3 different distinctions. Samsung Electronics Ltd. replied by filing its own patent in September 2014, and added a new rotatable display for its upcoming watch.

The three patents filed by the companies was an essential move to harden the investment and time requirement for the development of the product in the coming times, when  feasible, making the company able to shelter its path from keen producers observing the market to get a slice of the share and surpassing Samsung Galaxy.

A keen follower of Samsung will point out the fact that the well-known company position in making new devices and giving a standard finish on future designs, while pessimists believes that every product of the company is similar, incorporated with new features that are monotonous in spite of higher powered. The present patent held by Samsung allow the, to launch ‘Orbis’ anytime in 2015, which is device incorporated with exemplary Wi-Fi ,3G and Bluetooth connectivity and will be available for only $350- unexpectedly similar  to the Apple Watch Sport.

With the Apple’s iWatch available to sale, Samsung Electronics. is all set to witness its tough competitors by flapping a rounded design and rotatable display that will surely have more demand than Apple Watch. Samsung has promised perfection through a flexible display that can easily be wrapped around a wrist or can be stretched out to become a smartphone, in order to offer a constructive and appealing method to stand out in the gadget market.

Furthermore, by instructing the said products for its new bendable gadget, the company will have an upper hand by offering striking new models that can easily wrapped on the wrist. It emphasize mostly on the fashion.

Pebble time and Apple Watch will be available in the stores in the upcoming weeks. That means Samsung will have the advantage to break through a market in his way to change the landscape of the technology world. At the moment, Samsung is looking for another patent filing to permit the elastic gadget to smack on to the wrist, in order to protect its future investment.

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