Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips To Master You With Device

Handy shortcuts, fingerprint sensors, user-friendly interface, split screen option, saving on battery, disabling/uninstaling downloaded apps, extra 100GB free cloud storage, screenshot are a few features besides the stylish looks.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips To Master You With Device

Besides the stylish looks, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s flagship model, Galaxy S6 has many other great features to catch your eyes.

Firstly, for the easy use of your Samsung Galaxy S6, you would need to customize your very own personal needs. Drag down the notification bar, and tap on the Edit button, after which you could choose which functions, features and shortcuts you would like to be available in your quick settings menu, dropping everything you do not want to see in the line-up later. Once the tap is done, move on.

Tapping and holding on your home screen will get you modify your device wallpapers and widgets, further allowing you to adjust your screen grid size as well. You will be allowed to change app icons, font size and style, backgrounds, and fine-tune your device phone and contacts. Later Samsung will also be providing its users with a way to create their own themes.

The most secure as well as the coolest way to unlock your Galaxy S6 is via the fingerprint sensor. So dive into your device Setting > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type > Fingerprints and then follow the instructions. Fingerprints can easily be added or deleted with the same menu.

The amazing 5.1-inch display of Samsung Galaxy S6 can bear two apps on it at one time. The split screen function is enabled by holding the multitasking button for two seconds located at the bottom left, or simply holding on the apps. After the user enables the option, the bottom half of the screen will show the apps they can choose from, while the top half will be displaying whatever app they have chosen to split. The space allocated by each app can be adjusted by dragging the icon in vertical direction. More options such as, flip, window, or end applications are available by tapping on the circle.

You can pull out the most from the active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screen by dropping into your device Setting > Display > Screen mode. A few options present will enhance the display screen resolution and picture quality.

Opening up the Apps section in your Galaxy S6 Settings will show you a list of apps you have. Tapping the Edit button located at the top, you will then see a red minus sign, clicking it will stop the running app. You also have an option to either get rid or disable most of the apps.

Previously many deals between Samsung and Dropbox have taken place, but this time Microsoft OneDrive allows Samsung users to claim an extra 100GB of cloud storage. S6 users can sign up through their existing account, and click on the Apply button to gain access to 100GB Samsung offer.

Another way, the less conventional way to capture a screenshot on Galaxy S6 is to turn on Palm swipe in Settings > Motions and gestures.

Samsung Galaxy S6 offers the privilege to boost download for files larger than 30MB. This makes use of your data charges, together with Wi-Fi, so be aware of the charges. The option can be enabled via Settings > More connection setting > Download booster.


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