Samsung Delayed The Launch Of Gear A Until September

Samsung has delayed the launch of its smart watch branded under Gear A until IFA event.

Samsung Delayed The Launch Of Gear A Until September

Samsung Electronics is the largest smartphone vendor in the world. The company made its long awaited come back after a full one year with its new Samsung Galaxy S6 models. With that said and done, the company also started to focus on other products as well in order to expand its market reach. Hence, there is no stopping to company’s progression in the coming times. The company recently announced that it will be launching its new next gen memory cards later this month. Now it has announced that Gear A will be unveiled later this year.

Initially, the masses were more focused towards smartphones but with the recent advancements in the tech world where microcomputers are being interlinked with watches. Smart watches have actually become the next big thing. Recently, Apple revealed its Apple Watch and Samsung planned to come up with some response. Hence, it has planned to take on Apple Watch with Samsung’s Gear which was expected to be unveiled earlier but the company has now announced to delay it. According to the latest reports, Gear A will now make its way to the consumers in September or later.

It is believed that the company has delayed the time to unveil so that it can plan a proper product launch for its smart watch. Or maybe, analysts believe that this is done so that the hype of most awaited Apple Watch dies and Samsung can take on all the vacant space it will left behind.

The Samsung’s smart watch will be round in shape which will also have a bezel ring rotator. But the purpose to create this smart watch is still unclear apart from the fact that it plans to take on Apple Watch with this product. Furthermore, Gear A will only be compatible with the Samsung devices as they will be running on Tizen, Samsung’s operating system. The company did not choose Android wear which would have given an open compatibility with all Android phones.

According to Bidness ETC “The new round look to be featured is a shift from the rectangular versions released by competitors. This might be the one aspect that had to be changed to compete with LG Display Co Ltd.’s G Watch R and Motorola Solutions Inc.’s Moto 360.

It is believed that the smart watch is now scheduled to be released at the IFA event alongside Galaxy Note 5. Bidness ETC reports Gear A will have two versions such as one will have 3G and call enabled features whereas the other will only have WiFi and Bluetooth.

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