How to recover or change your Yahoo password

Passwords can be quite a hazard at times. We have been in many situations when we have no idea what password we kept. At times it also happens that we keep our password so tough that eventually we can also not recall it. This is not something new, and many people have had issues with recalling their passwords. Many individuals start to panic once they lose their password especially in those situations where the account is extremely important. So here we will teach you how to recover your password of your YAHOO mailing address.

How to recover or change your Yahoo password 1

The easiest way to recover your YHOO password is to reset your email password. Here are a few steps which you need to follow.

  • The first thing you need to do is log on to YHOO! Sign in Problems. After clicking here, you would be navigated to another page where you will be required to follow a few steps.
  • You will be required to select ‘I forgot my password’. After doing this, click on ‘Next’
  • After this you would be required to add your persisting email address.
  • Once you have done this, you will proceed to the next step which requires you to type an alphanumeric text. The reason behind adding this text is that the computer can then verify that the user is human and not another program being operated by computer.
  • Click on next once you have entered the text.
  • Here comes the tricky part, now you will be required to add your birthday, residential address and postal code. The details provided here should match with what you provided them earlier.
  • Click on next.
  • The company will tally the information with what you provided earlier. In case the information is correct, then the company will take you to the next step.
  • Here you be asked to type your new password. Then again you would be asked to type the password again to ensure it is the desired one.
  • You can now login from your previous YAHOO email address.

These steps will help you regain access to your account without the need of creating a new account.

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