Reason Why Twitter is not only a Social Network

Twitter claims to be much more than just a social networking website the article discusses the things that differentiate Twitter from Facebook and other social network websites.

Twitter Inc. is the most common social networking website similar to Facebook. Just because of this similarity users do not feels the need of making an account on Twitter. Though, users of Facebook will be shocked to hear that twitter have almost 284 million active users monthly.

The micro blogging website is being used by popular celebrities and average users. It is used to inform the followers about the ongoing activities of your life without getting into details. Although it is simply a social media network, public more or less sign in to get latest updates, news and to get closer to friends and family.

In 2010 Nokia world presentation, Kevin Thau former VP of Business & Corporate Development of the company said that the website is not only a social network. He said it was meant to be more for content, news and other related information’s. It is crystal clear that why it called non-social media site as Facebook surpassed it easily by 890 million regular active users every month till 2014 December. Although there is one benefit that stands Twitter aside from its rivals, it is all its available content got updated every second and is public, which makes it the greatest medium to spread the current news and information.

Reason Why Twitter is not only a Social Network

Twitter offers a platform to the people by which they can get fresh news. Companies such as CNN typically used some kind of hash tags or tickers to follow the trending social media news. It also contains a “trending on twitter” option that is used to update the users regarding the trending update from the whole world. It has been recognized as an outlet for the news by the media companies, which are related to celebrities, fashion, politics, international issuesand many others.

The micro blogging site is also well known for its marketing and advertisement. Many businesses use social media marketing to publicize their brand and products. It can simply convert RSS feeds to updates, makes hype for particular events like cricket world cup #CWC15.

Instead of focusing monthly average active users on the website we should look at the audience viewing the site that includes users who were logged out too as they read entrenched tweets from the site.

Chief Financial Officer of the social networking giant Anthony said, “Prior to now, our strategy only allowed us to focus on that audience of 284 mobile social users, and not the audience of 500 million users that already exist on our platform and they come to our properties organically and we have a great opportunity to give them what they want.”

Twitter stock surged by 1.08% to $46.93 on Tuesday.

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