Procter and Gamble changing its strategies

Proctor and Gamble changing its strategies 1

No company wants to do business in loss. All look for a good market share that assists them in accelerating the brand image of the company. Proctor and Gamble are not any different. After a steady analysis the company has decided to sell off more than a hundred of its products to interested candidates. Astonishingly the selling might comprise of two of the companies most popular products that is Duracell and Braun.

The popularity of P&G is nothing new and thus this company has many ventures primarily with a high success rate up their sleeves. The company has finally decided to layoff almost 100 of its household brands so that it can streamline its work mechanism and come up with more focused structure. The thing that is surprising for the market is that P&G intends to sell two of its major and very popular components that is Duracell and Braun. If these rumors are true then soon we would see these two brands with an entire new image.

Proctor and Gamble changing its strategies 2

The reason behind this sell off is simple. P&G have not been doing quite well since the past three years where their sales have significantly declined resulting in major disturbance in the organizational structure. Thus this initiative would assist the company in fighting back and resuming their previous growth. Many investors have forced the company to streamline their operations.

This step might prove to be fruitful for the company as now they can focus on more successful ventures. It is a common saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, which seems perfectly right for Proctor and Gamble at this point. Streamlining and coming up with a new mechanism might just do wonders for them. To have so many project that just keep up adding to their portfolio as weak links can further disrupt the company’s image among potential investors.

Hence in a nutshell, Proctor and Gamble need to learn from their previous mistakes and come up with a great plan that not only assists them in becoming the market giants again but also revive their prior growth. The ball is still in their court it is just how they utilize it in their benefit.


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