Now you can shop from the toilet

Procter & Gamble Co. are more famously known as P&G. The American based multinational company of consumer goods is one of the dominant companies in its industry. The company has been one of the great multinational consumer goods companies that specialize in pet foods, cleaning agents, and personal care products. The latest news coming out is that Procter & Gamble along with Amazon wants you to shop from the toilet. According to them it is like; Forget “shop ’til you drop” and try “shop from the pot.”

Now you can shop from the toilet 1

Amazon and Procter and Gamble are teaming up to place ads in public toilets for shoppers, well, on the go. The displays and print ads will include coupons for P&G products, including Charmin toilet paper, baby wipes, Fiberize and other household products. The mechanism is very simple as you will have to take out your smartphone while you are sat on the pot, scan the coupon’s barcode with your Amazon app, snag the discounts and place your order. This will take a couple of minutes only and it will be all done before you leave the washroom.

According to Amazon, it will give a whole new meaning to the phrase “multi-tasking”. These are known as “Stall Malls” which features the tag line of “Sit, shop, and save”. As puts it, both of the companies are hoping the new campaign will leave them flushed with success and research shows they may on the right track. Moreover, different surveys have been carried out in order to identify if this might be a good innovative idea to multitask or will it leave its dirt without any impact. Hence, Charmin recently asked the citizens of America in its survey in which many Americans say they like to be productive while answering nature’s call.

About one third of Americans who have purchased products from the toilet in the past are planning to holiday shop from the toilet this year. More than half of those say they are more likely to make a purchase from the potty if they get a discount for doing so.

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