Netflix to expand its global footprints to New Zealand

Netflix is one of the biggest and largest providers of Internet streaming services of movies and TV shows. The company has over more than 10,000 streaming hours for its visitors. Being a provider in the most parts of the world including parent country United States and in some parts of Europe and other regions, the company is now planning to expand its global footprints to New Zealand where the Kiwis will be provided with free internet streaming service of Netflix. According to various reports, it is believed that Netflix will offer a free one month trial to all Kiwis when it launches here in March next year.

Netflix to expand its global footprints to New Zealand 2

In order to gain traction between the citizens of New Zealand and to strengthen its market position there, the company has strong plans. The offer is standard for the movie and TV streaming service, which gives away free one month trials to entice new customers, but it was not known if Netflix would also offer trials on its New Zealand launch prior to the company’s announcement.

The company said “Netflix will launch on smart TVs, tablets and smartphones, computers and a range of Internet-capable game consoles and set top boxes.” The launch date is set somewhere in between March 2015; therefore prices are yet to be announced. New Zealand TV reported that “Pricing is yet to be announced, as is whether New Zealand will see the full range of programming that the US has access to, but rumors indicate around $11 a month – slightly more than Netflix in the US, which costs around $10 a month.”

Netflix to expand its global footprints to New Zealand 3

The announcement of the launch of Netflix has put other cable and online service provider companies on red alert. Netflix will give a tough competition to already established services in the country such as Sky TV and Light box, giving Kiwis other, cheaper ways to watch in-demand shows and movies.

Hence in a nutshell, Netflix has more than 53 million subscribers worldwide, and the launch in Australia would make it available in more than 50 countries.

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