Netflix has already made enemies prior to Australia launch

Netflix has already made enemies prior to Australia launch 1

Netflix is one of the biggest and largest providers of Internet streaming services of movies and TV shows. The company has over more than 10,000 streaming hours for its visitors. Being a provider in the most parts of the world including parent country United States and in some parts of Europe and other regions, the company has now expanded its footprints in Australia and New Zealand. The company will launch its services in 2015 most probably however no certain price plans are disclosed yet.

Being one of the biggest companies, Netflix has faced tough competitions by Amazon Prime, Hulu, and the new entrant Shomi. But it has managed to stay at the top and it also has decimated the conventional television. However, prior to its Australian launch which has threatened the established service providers as well as pay TV cable providers, the company has made enemies in a short span of time.

Netflix has already made enemies prior to Australia launch 2

According to Australian News, Foxtel and Seven West combine to fight Netflix with Presto Entertainment. FOXTEL and Seven West Media are combining to offer a TV and movie streaming service to rival that of Netflix. It is not disclosed whether what movies and shows will be added to the list but the service will feature a broad range of locally commissioned and internationally acquired content including drama, comedy, factual and entertainment programming.

Moreover, the price plan is also not confirmed but as expected according to the current price of movie only Presto is $9.99. Hence it is believed that the prices will be around it. As Australian News reports, “the increasing number of streaming services in Australia will mean that Aussies will have to sign up to several different services to get access to all the shows they want to.” Hence this will put all the streaming services including Netflix in serious pressure. According to various sources, Netflix will have the exclusive rights to Batman spin-off Gotham at the Australian launch.

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