Microsoft neglecting its operating system

Microsoft neglecting its operating system

MSFT made some big announcements recently but the irony was nothing was related to its own operating system. The company made announcements related to its Office Suite which would now cater Android and iOS consumers. The company which has not succeeded in making Windows popular to the masses is now more focused towards increasing user accessibility to competitor operating systems.

MSFT has come up with a free Office Suite for Android and iOS which would allow creating documents and editing them. Moreover the company would also refund those who paid for Office 365 subscriptions. In order to come on par with the iPad, now iPhones will have an Excel, PowerPoint and Word software. Apart from this, Android tablets initially and later Android phones will also be provided with these three software.

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Apart from this the Android tablets are soon to be equipped with Word, PowerPoint and Excel like iPad and this is expected to be launched by 2015. The company is thoroughly coming up with changes to cater to competitors but when it comes to Windows not many efforts can be seen. The company will launch their touch-optimized versions only when Windows 10 is available. This drags it for Windows users who now have to wait till late 2015 to experience the change.

This is ironic since iPads have their touch-optimized application. iPhones would soon have such an application and same goes for Android tablets and phones whereas those who are usingĀ Microsoft operating systems are just expected to wait.

Its high time that the company needs to think about their clients before it gets too late. Windows does have Office Suite but it is not free. The office Suite is compiled where their standalone applications are not available and the subscribers are constantly paying for the facility. The question here arises; through such initiates does the company plan to sink its own self?

Those consumers who actually believed in working on the go and for the same reason have been sticking to windows phone eventually realize the blunder they have made. Their own phones are less preferable than iOS who are taking their help to provide users with a better experience.

In this fast pace world, nobody wants to wait. In the coming year, Windows might offer a better experience but that new thing would be stale till the time it reaches it.

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