Microsoft Gets Approval On Smart Ring Patent

Microsoft succeeds in getting approval on smart ring patent.

A new patent has been granted by the United States Patent & Trademark Office to Microsoft Corporation that will have an impact on how we might use the mouse in the times to come. The software giant initially filed a patent that is linked to various kinds of smart rings which can actually be a replacement to conventional mouse.

The patent primarily talks about a bend or “flexion” sensor that is associated to a ring that eventually communicates to another sensor that is placed on the end of the receiver. As per one illustration, a user is seen adorned in several rings that will assist him in syncing a mouse virtually on the screen. Other than that, users will also get the options of making selections and clicking left or right.

The background of the patents highlights the fact that the gadgets presently exist in various form factors. Other than that, a great chunk of these form factors do not encourage use of external peripherals such as mouse and keyboards. Thus in the case where gadgets are glasses, wrist bands or smartwatches, there are not numerous option for users to choose and interact with.

The theory that the Windows giant has used in its patent refers to a smart ring that can be used in terms of an input device. A smart ring will actually fall in the criteria of a wearable device and it can thus register gestures and movements whilst performing the tasks. Other than that, the system installed with the gadget will establish a coordinate system via the axis so that the movements are as accurate as possible.

Apart from that, the illustrations of the patent also denote how a user can make use of smart rings and control the inputs on the gadget. In certain cases, a user will have to swipe his fingers from right to left so that a command can be registered on the tablet and thus moving the cursor subsequently. In other cases, users can move the cursor up and down to perform various functions. This is not it but users can also make clicks wherever they want. The slightest finger pose made by a user will thus be detected by the smart ring ensuring its efficacy.

The smart ring is actually a breakthrough since it can be used with various gadgets. One of the more intriguing apps by the feature will be to be paired up with smartphones. According to the images, a call can be declined by a user via a smart ring when the phone is placed inside his jeans pocket. A gesture will be made by the user and the call would be dropped.

According to the documents, it is not important for the users to use their hands to operate the device since gestures can also serve the purpose. For instance, by sitting on a sofa and resting hands on the rest. This isn’t it but the smart ring can also be paired with other Microsoft products such as Kinect and HoloLens.



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