How to increase your Twitter presence?


Twitter is one of the most used social media networks of this era. From a common man to the most popular celebrity, everyone uses Twitter to either share their daily doings or anything they would feel like. There is no restriction on posting anything. Hence it is also believed that Twitter has proved to be very helpful for small and medium businesses as well as bloggers. Bloggers really take the most advantage from this medium. It is believed that “Twitter has a stronghold on the blogosphere, yet sometimes, it is hard to be heard. If you are struggling to grow your Twitter following, you are not alone.”

People really face difficulty when it comes to gaining followers and increase their presence on Twitter like the way they would want. Hence the simplest method to build your presence on twitter or on any social media network for that matter, C.B.S. method is beneficial where C stands for Connect with people by following the right people; B stands for Build relationships with people by engaging, replying and responding to tweets; and S stands for Share other people’s content. Follow the 10:1 ratio. For every 1 content you share about your business, share 10 of others.


Therefore the 3 best tips related to C.B.S. method are as follows:

1.     Show more participation in different Twitter conversations

By participating more in Twitter chats, it might give you a great boost as it is a great way to meet, network and engage with new people that share a similar interest.

2.     More tweets means better presence

Being active on Twitter is a big plus. The more you keep posting on Twitter the more likely you are to have others find and follow you. But beware; tweeting way too often might cost you in losing a few followers.

3.     Be active on Twitter in peak times

Being active on Twitter is one thing, and being active on Twitter is another. Active on Twitter in peak times along with being involved in the trending tweets will increase your twitter presence by miles.

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