The Home Depot Performed Well In the Second Quarter

The Home Depot is the worlds best home improvement retailer, the company operates THD stores in the United States. The Home Depot is all about selling an assortment of building materials, garden products and home improvement loans. The company has three segments in which Home Depot is working and the segments are; do-it-yourself, corporate customers and do-it-for- me. (HD)

“In the second quarter, our spring seasonal business rebounded, and we saw strong performance in the core of the store and across all of our geographies,” said Frank Blake, chairman and CEO. “I would like to thank our associates for their hard work and dedication, especially at this time of increased demand.”


This year in the second quarter The Home Depot has reported total sales of $23.8 billion, which shows an increment of 5.7 percent, when compared to the prior year 2013. The comparable store sales for the same quarter 2014 were increased 5.8 percent and 6.4 percent were the comp sales recorded from the US stores. In the second quarter total net earnings recorded were $2.1 billion or $1.51 per diluted share, when compared to the last year same quarter there was $1.24 per diluted share or $1.8 billion net earnings total amount.


For the Home Depot, it is expected that the total sales will be 4.8 percent higher than what the company has earned back in 2013. Year over year the company has managed to generate revenues from $74.8B to $78.8B. This year in the second quarter of 2014 the company has managed to record that the percentage of sales devoted to selling, general and administrative costs from 21.90% to 21.06% has been reduced. This reduction has been the cause for the downfall in the revenue section started off with $4.5B to $5.48B.


The Home Depot intends to repurchase $7 billion common stocks this year 2014 in the second quarter. Today the stock market has highlighted $92.84 to be the share price for the home depot, with the price change of $0.94 or 1.02%. The opening rate for the home depot share recorded is $92.29 and the previously closed rate for the shares recorded by the stock market was $91.90. The stock market has shown that the day’s high and low prices for the home depot recorded is $91.8 and $93.0. Past 52 week evaluation has shown that $ 72.74 was the lowest price rate and $93.75 was the highest price recorded for the stocks. The recorded market cap for the home depot stocks is $124,955.36M, with the P/E ratio of 1.24.

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