Google is the king of search engines

Google is the king of search engines 1

The world is constantly mobilizing with new advancements, researches, discussions, and debates etc. that are restructuring the paradigms of search engines. Initially, people used to visit libraries or read an Encyclopedia or go through dictionaries in order to get information about something. There are still many people present who do not use any search engines, unlike me, for any purpose. Hence, life was like that before the invention or introduction of search engines. One of the popular things of that time was the “index cards” used to note down important points.

Search engines have truly transformed the world and had made life easy for the users. Important fact from the past was that no satires or false and mislead information could rapid fire as people used to dig into the matter themselves rather than reading anything what other person has written. There was a life before search engines. People used to rely on their memories or believe in anything told to them by anyone. Everyone claims to be an expert by using search engines now, or by supporting their stance in any argument. Moreover one cannot really judge the credibility of the information present in the search engine, for instance I can post something completely absurd without any idea that how crucial this information is and what repercussions one might face if it misleads. The search engine exploration tends to be quite funny as you’d find multiple sources on one topic with no idea about the credibility of the piece.

Google is the king of search engines 2

Despite there are few cons of these search engines but despite that our lives are completely reliant on them. From cooking recipes, how to feed your toddler, beauty, healthcare, researches all are on your fingertips now by just a matter of a click. So now you don’t need to go to your uncle for his famous apple crumble recipe but can find millions of tutorials to ace what your uncle kept undercover since ages. I believe virtual learning would not have been possible if these search engines were not there to assist young minds. The list would just keep on building up if I start mentioning how divine this invention is so I would leave that here since you all really know the ‘search engine importance’



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