Future of Apple Watch Dangles Between Expectations and Reality

Apple’s first wearable device has been out for a year now and analysts have mixed opinion about its success.

According to KGI Securities – Taiwanese financial services group – shipments of Apple Watch will decline closer to 25%. The firm estimated that in 2015, the company sold around 10.6 million units; but in the current year, the company is likely to fall short below 7.5 million units, according to 9to5Mac report.

9to5Mac further noted this is drastic, as a whole 12 months period has been taken to project Apple Watch sales for the current year, which even then falls short to the sales the tech organization had in mere eight months of the last year.

According to Fortune magazine, several analysts have expressed that only in the last quarter of 2015, the Cupertino Calif. firm sold almost 6 million of its watches. The tech company sells most of its watches for the price ranging from $299 to $749.

Last month, analysts were taken by surprise when the tech titan slashed its retail price of the device at the highly anticipated March event, whereas some of the analysts cited that many distributors had already cut down the prices of the device.

Gene Muster, an analyst from Piper Jaffray, expressed that the slight cut in the price is a positive signal for the device’s sales in the upcoming quarters but he is of the opinion that some of the buyers were already enjoying the price cut.

It has been almost a year since the release of the Apple Watch and a coherent verdict regarding the popularity of the device has still not been received. In an online survey carried out by an advertising technology firm, Fluent, 53% of the participant – out of total 2,578 participants – expressed that they believe the device wasn’t a success.

Fluent’s survey also had slightly different review of Apple’s first ever wearable device. Almost 77% of the owners of the Apple Watch expressed that, in their opinion, the device is a huge success which two-third of the owners cited they are likely to buy the upgrade version of the device as well. Owners also chirped in that they have been making the most of the incredible features the Watch has to offer. For example, the device has made it easier for the consumers to check email or chat, listen to music, and receive notifications, among few.

Watch owners have also signaled out the top reason for the consumption of Watch which is to have a quick glance on the text notification or calendar reminder. Probably this is the main reason because of which KGI Securities concluded its note by adding that the tech giant might see an increase in the demand once the device has been released with an upgraded design, which is likely to happen the next year.

In other news, relating to Apple Watch, a woman from Detroit, Daisy Washington-Gross, has sued the company for the patent infringement. In a suit filed in Eastern Michigan U.S. District Court, Ms. Washington Gross claimed that she was the first “to put in for a patent for a ‘computer wrist watch.’” She is demanding for $2 billion to be paid to her for infringing her pending patent for the “Detachable Beeper Disc Digital Gym Shoe Computer Watch.”

The tech giant hasn’t commented on the proposed lawsuit.

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