Fast Food consumption increases

Fast Food consumption increases 1

Fast food is much sought by all age brackets. Everybody likes to get their hands on a scrumptious burger, sandwich, fries and fried chicken. In the United States particularly, Fast food consumption has brutally increased in a short passage of time which is very alarming and raises concerns among nutritionist. Only in a matter of a decade, the fast food chains have gained great momentum where companies like McDonald and Burger King are becoming the key game changers in the industry.

In the United States one of the major problem that almost 60 percent of the entire population goes through is obesity. Obesity is becoming a major threat not just for individuals but on a broader level many people are struck which can hamper the economic state in the years to come. The authorities do not take thus issue seriously thus at one point they might be left with obesity becoming the core problem to their growth.

The companies who are in the fast food business like Burger King are now basically catering two audiences. One is the junkie crowd that cannot live without having junk food whereas the other looks for an alternate healthier version of it. These companies have the power within them to some extent so on a personal level they should advocate healthy living and healthy eating habits. This will not hamper their business if they start to sell healthier food that is tasty as well as reduces obesity.

Fast Food consumption increases 2

At this stage guardians do not realize the repercussion of exposing their children to junk. They consider it an easy way to skip work or cooking but in general they are rupturing their system and acting as a catalyst to increase weight related issues among the masses.

Healthy lifestyle should be advocated to encourage a better lifestyle. Obesity is a long term issue thus it would take ample amount of time to overcome this problem. But slowly and gradually it can countered if big fast food giants actually cooperate and result in a healthier region. Instead of launching food that is high on carbs, what they can do is launch a healthier version of it. If in case people don’t like this change then they can order their old preferences and weight watchers can opt for this. Both ways they would just propagate their business not rupture it.


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