Facebook Working Towards Promoting Gender Equality

The social media company has made changes in the icons on the media website in order to give women an equal position as men.

Facebook Working Towards Promoting Gender Equality

Facebook Inc has decided to launch some new features on its social networking website which have come to the analysts’ attention as an attempt to make things more equal between males and females in the company. As per the recent changes made in the firm’s media website, it was seen that a significant change in the icon has been made in icon that shows for the option of ‘friends’. The figure of a woman in the icon has been made more prominent than before which has been welcomed by great support and approval from the analysts.

The said improvements that have taken place to take care of the sensitive issue of gender equality came into action when the design head of the social media platform came to realize that in the friend’s icon on the media site, the woman was made not on an equal basis with the man which showed significant difference between them, showing inequality between the two. Since Mark Zuckerberg’s company has been working hard towards eradication of all kinds of gender differences that have lately been becoming the center of attention, it is but natural for them to give attention to the tiniest of details that show that the firm is lagging behind in providing gender equality.

Furthermore, Caitlin Winner, who is the design head at Facebook, has been re-designing the icon to make it look more rightly positioned and not biased at all. Winner has shifted the female silhouette to the center bringing two men on either side of it. This design has been changed from what previously was seen as a much biased version of the icon picture according the social media firm’s head of designing in which the woman was made to stand in the background with the men in the front. To bring about a change in this negative image, Winner has made the above stated changes.

Winner has also talked about these changes in her blog in which it was seen that previously Facebook business was not giving much attention the topic of gender equality due to which the icon was made in such a way that the female silhouette shifted quite over to the dark background which depicted that not much attention is given to her.

Moreover, the design department of the media team informed the press that the changes that the firm went through in order to be equal were only because of the little details that were noticed by Winner. The new icon has been designed by her only with some small changes made here and there in the silhouettes.

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