eBay updates iPad app with new look and features, offers special discounts on Apple accessories

EBay is one of the biggest retail store chains in the United States. It has been doing a great business over the years but the company has fall behind Wal-Mart and Amazon in recent times. Despite of struggling a lot to revive its business, the company has various plans for its future. Hence the company has now planned to renew its online strategies for consumers to make future purchases.

It is well known that the world has developed a lot in recent times. Therefore, eBay is revamping for the consumer times we live in, starting with a newly released iPad app out in the App Store. The company says that “the mobile experience, particularly in the tablet market, is rapidly becoming the preferred way to shop globally. Over 30 percent of US shoppers and 50 percent of users globally are using phones and tablets to pick out ready to buy items instead of bidding on the e-commerce site.” The company has further explained that more preference is given to mobile and tablets due to ease of use.

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There are many people who pick and save their items from mobile and tablets and later buy them from desktop computers. This step is helping the company to forge a new way in order to interact with shoppers going forward all across the globe.

RJ Pittman who is the chief product officer of EBay said that “The eBay for iPad app is an important step on our journey. It delivers a better shopping experience for buyers and better merchandising capabilities for sellers.” He further believes that this step forward is the company’s new strategy to be more agile which will help them to move faster to keep up with way people will shop in the future.

The company believes that mobiles and tablets are two of the easiest ways to navigate if you are looking to shop something online. Hence the company plans on to introducing its new app for Apple iPad next year. “It’s really hard to do browsing well. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we do want to make it awesome enough that you come back and browse often and stay longer,” says the company’s chief product officer.

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