How EBay planning to build smart stores?


EBay is one of the biggest retail store chains in the United States. It has been doing a great business over the years but the company has fall behind Wal-Mart and Amazon in recent times. Despite of struggling a lot to revive its business, the company has various plans for its future. The company’s new smart stores are the future of shopping.

How EBay planning to build smart stores 2

The verge reported that “Over the last year eBay’s brand has struggled a bit. It was hit with a massive security breach and announced that it was spinning out PayPal, a divorce precipitated by the overwhelming investor sentiment that eBay was holding PayPal back. Still, the company has shown steady growth and profit, giving it the breathing room it needs to try and reinvent itself.”

The smart stores of EBay include magic mirrors, massive touchscreens, and dressing rooms that know what you need next. The newest adventure of the company is to reinvent itself. Various sources reported that “Though most consumers still think of eBay strictly as an online shopping destination, the company’s official corporate mission is to strive toward becoming a venue for all commerce. And that means integrating itself with the physical world, where the vast majority of retail still takes place.”

How EBay planning to build smart stores 4

What it is believed that EBay wants to become as same the likes of Amazon and Wal-Mart and not only as an online retailer. According to the company officials commenting about their new smart stores, “People still want to use their five senses, not just the one sense you use when you’re doing e-commerce. So physical retail, a showroom, I think will never go away.”

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