eBay Appointing Talent From Apple To Launch A New Payment Method

eBay Appointing Talent From Apple To Launch A New Payment Method 1

RJ Pittman, top level employee at Apple Inc. has joined eBay Inc. as a chief product officer. The main objective behind this latest addition is to boost their e-commerce strategy and to recruit talent from the market especially Apple Inc… EBay still owns PayPal which is the most commonly used payment method. However, a spinoff is expected on that front after which eBay must have a backup plan to maintain its competitive position in the market.

Bora Chung is the recent employee of Apple Inc. to left her job to join eBay Inc. Her new position at eBay is still mysterious. The only thing known about her designation is that she will be working in eBay’s new Marketplace division. According to the SFGate report, the new hire acquired by eBay Inc. Bora Chung, a Harvard graduate that has experience in ecommerce payment systems. He has also served PayPal along with other small payment outlets. eBay Inc(NASDAQ:EBAY) can aim to establish a powerful partnership with PayPal. Although the source is skeptical about the deal to come through as the chances are again looking too thin. eBay is looking to give its competitor Apple Inc. a run for their money as they are looking to come up with their unique payment channel.

eBay Appointing Talent From Apple To Launch A New Payment Method 2

RJ Pittman, will probably be supervising Ms.Chung at eBay Inc., and he will be the one at the controls of the company’s e-commerce segment. A former executive at Apple Inc. said, Mr. Pittman left the company on a good note and while his accomplishment working on e-commerce at Apple, the possibilities of eBay’s success in e-commerce dwarfs than anything Apple has. Recently, apple has made great progress in online payment services. In 2014, its launched of Apple Pay has been praised creating a successful name in online payment system industry.

Although the Apple pay service is limited to United States only, there is a chance that it will see a swift expansion in different other markets soon. Another product, Apple Watch is scheduled to get release this year will make Apple pay service accessible on older iPhones also.

However, compared to the saturation of older payments method, in which eBay has significant expertise, mobile payments services are insignificant.

EBay Inc. is making plans to spin off its major payment division, PayPal, from its marketplace division.  It will start later in the year 2015.eBay is looking forward to make two single publicly held businesses. These two separate entities will leverage the new expertise hired from Apple Inc.

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