Dunkin Donuts ready to return to Brazil

Dunkin Donuts is a global doughnut and coffeehouse chain. The company is an American multinational that was found in the year 1950. The company has almost 11,000 restaurant chain in almost 93 countries across the world. The portfolio of Dunkin Donuts is quite diversified where their menu includes more than 1000 items that include doughnuts, coffees, bagel, sandwiches and a variety of baked items that are simply irresistible. Dunkin has its brand presence since 40 years now. Dunkin Donuts has sound heritage and is striving to provide the best possible services to its consumers as well as the corporate world. They maintain central framework which involves strategic setting of parameters and creates a balance between stakeholders, investors, staff and customers. DNKN

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Hence being one of the leading companies with a variety of baked items, the company has expanded its global footprints already all across the globe. After shutting down its operations from Brazil, the company has announced and planned to return its global franchise chains in Brazil as well.

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The company says “Dunkin’ has already signed a contract with OLH Group, which will be its franchisee for Brazil’s capital, Brasília, and for neighboring Gaia’s state. A total of 65 stores are planned for that region, and the first is set be opened within the next six months.” Apart from this Dunkin also understands its duty to preserve the ecosystem and thus is an active participant of ventures that improve sustainability. Moreover it also plays an effective role in eliminating critical issues for the welfare of mankind. Dunkin Donuts in collaboration with Baskin Robins has thus started their community foundations.

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Dunkin believes that “Many (international) companies have needed time to get things right in Brazil. Many more Brazilians now have the habit of eating outside of their homes, and even though Dunkin’ left several years ago, the brand is still well regarded in the country.”

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