Delta Airlines coming up with strategies

Delta Airlines is one of the most prominent names in the airline industry that is committed to delivering high class services to its clients. Delta has always come up with an active mechanism and has strategized according to the growing needs of the industry. This year Delta came up with yet another breakthrough by offering early retirements to its pilots. This was not because they wanted to play their part in the global financial crisis or part of their plan to cut down on workers of a particular segment but this was because they plan to retire some of their Boeing airplanes. DAL


Delta Air lines has offered its pilots whoever wants to get an early retirement can approach them now since it has decided to discard its Boeing 747 planes.  Previously as well Delta Air Lines came up with a similar mechanism where they decided to offer early retirements to the entire company in each segment. This offer was taken extremely in a positive manner and thus more than 100 of its employees chose to leave the company. This time the deal seems like a limited time offer as 50 pilots who come on first come first serve basis would be allowed to avail this offer. It is also limited to Boeing captains and pilots not any other staff member or cabin crew.


For any airline the Boeing captains is the top most position a pilot can acquire. They are the most senior and hence the most valuably paid pilots in general. In this retirement plan Delta Air Line seeks to let go of four of its Boeing captains with their 16 Boeing jumbo jets leaving their ownership.


The breakthrough was when the Air Line Association union of Delta has agreed on the early retirement plan. They are fine with the thought of an early retirement thus the pilots have been given time till the end of October to apply for early retirement.Hence in a nutshell, with so much strategizing going on within Delta Air Lines we will soon see a major breakthrough in their mechanism.


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