Delta Airline (DAL) Glitches


Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) recently stated that there is a boarding pass bug that enables passengers to access someone else’s boarding pass. Delta Airlines went through a security issue regarding passengers’ details being accessed easily by other passengers.

This particular security issue arrived at a very bad time for Delta Airlines because now is the holiday travel season. Due to this bug passengers can now exchange their boarding URL’s with another passenger’s boarding pass can then use it themselves. Dani Grant found the glitch on Monday, he works as a security researcher in Delta and is also found Hackers of NY.

The bug has been fixed in order to prevent any future issues, reported a representative of Delta, Paul Skrbec.

The bug had no effect on the safety of the flight said Skrbec, he also added “We routinely monitor and perform analysis of data to ensure privacy for our customers. We apologize for any concern this [the bug] may have caused.”

Dani Grant made a statement on Twitter Stock. Saying that glitch could have been taken used for immoral reasons but the airport would have prevented anything from happening due to their efficient safety and protective measures.

Delta 2

Gizmodo contacted Delta airlines mentioning how she had used the URL’s and changed the seating arrangements and accessed other passengers’ personal details.

In this age of highly advanced technology, what can turn out to be dangerous, no one knows. Since Delta was so efficient in getting down to the root of the matter and fixing it. How effective this was, only time can tell.

Despite the glitch, Delta Airlines stabilized itself over the months. As the airline company announced its quarterly earnings report in the fiscal year 2015, the company reported 1.5% decrease in YoY in Passenger Revenues per Available Seat Miles (PRASM), during which the company also witnessed decrease in stocks by 1.35%.

However the company claimed the reason to be poor foreign exchange, that put pressure on international operational flights, as well as o.5 points were suffered due to bad storm. The company on the other hand announced growth in its Available Seat Mile (ASM) through domestic operations that increased by 6.6% over the year, whereas the company’s international ASM grew by 5.7%. The airlines international company also reported DAL’s mainline completion factor of 97.5%, which shows an increase of two bps only for the company for the year.

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