Dell 26 inch 5K monitors

With the Dell’s 5K release the 4K technology is becoming obsolete. The 4K technology is becoming more and more affordable and now the general masses can afford it mostly. Hence the people have started to switch their priorities to the future of superior display technology. So like every technology it is quite common that when a new technology gets launched, the value of the prior one declines.


The Dell’s Ultra Sharp 27 Ultra HD 5K is the first monitor in the world which has almost seven times more resolution of a 1080 pixels HD display. Every inch in this monitor is provided with 218 pixels each. This is in par Apple’s MacBook that has Pro Retina Display. Usually people consider 4K technologies 8.3 megapixels as a standard but this device has exceeded all boundaries with 14.7 megapixels. Usually 4K monitors have a resolution for the display that sums up to 3840×2160 but the 5K boasts of a resolution of 5120×2880.

This time Dell has come up with something extraordinary and users are amazed with the specifications of this monitor. It is provided with ‘immersive acoustics’ through 16 Watt speakers that will provide consumers with a sound experienced never heard before. Also it offers numerous connectivity options as it has been equipped with media card reader and USB ports. Display is also extraordinary as it is provided with Dell’s Premier Color Technology and glass screen which is smudge free. This also supersedes its predecessor.


For all those who are extremely happy with these monitors considering that they would now enhance their gaming experience through these high definition monitors then dreams might get shattered now as the investment required for it would be massive. In order to use these high definition screens, individuals will be required to have two Display Port. So this would require them to cash out $2500 but this isn’t it. Further they would need to invest on some of the heavy duty video cards available in the market in order to take utmost benefit out of the display. This would sum up to a similar amount as the monitor itself.

Hence this monitor of Del is technically not suitable for gamers unless they have massive savings and a desperate urge to spend. Whereas these monitors are best suited for those businesses that require immense graphical work or high quality displays.

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