Chantix smoking cessation drug by Pfizer

Pfizer is one of the most prominent names in the health care sector that is working for a disease free, healthier and safer world. The sole business of the company is to produce and sell medicines globally. The company has many successful and popular drugs on their portfolio. One of the most evolutionary drugs used to cure infections was launched in the year 1950, known as Terramycin. Another drug that captivated a major chunk of the market was known as Lipitor, whose function was to stabilize the blood sugar level in individuals. These drugs have been one of the most sought after drugs among the health care sector.

Chantix smoking cessation drug by Pfizer 1

Recently, the company has been working on its Chantix smoking cessation drug. However, several consumer groups have petitioned the FDA to increase the warnings about the controversial Chantix smoking-cessation drug, which has been linked to risks of suicidal behavior and hostility, based on new scientific information they say has become available since a serious warning was placed on the product labeling five years ago. Despite of being linked with many issues and problems, the company has not stopped production of its Chantix drugs so far.

Chantix smoking cessation drug by Pfizer 2

Wall Street Journal reports that “It is important for the FDA to revisit the warnings because its 2008 assessments, through no fault of the agency, substantially underestimated the psychiatric adverse effects and accident risks.” It further adds that PFE has failed many times to properly submit and report 26,000 adverse event reports, including 589 serious cases, 150 completed suicides, 102 cases of hostility/aggression, and 56 cases of psychosis. In addition, later peer reviewed studies provide important new insights into cases involving aggression/violence as well as comparisons with other smoking cessation treatments.

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