Bend Test: Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone

Warranty firm Square Trade released a video where it used the Bendbot to test the strength of the Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus regarding when they succumb to pressure and eventually bend.

It seems like that bend gate is still in trend, as Square Trade –a warranty company on its YouTube channel has chosen it to test the smartphones limit once again. The target this time are Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy S6 Edge of Samsung Inc.

The smartphones were placed under extreme stress with the Bend bot of channel, which caused sufficient weight on the phones to destroy them by pressure. As shown in the video, S6 Edge got bended by 10 pounds pressure by the bot. As a result, Samsung Galaxy S6 got screen got curved plus its glass screen got cracked quickly and the device was finished completely by the time the pressure exerted by the bot reached 149 pounds. On the other hand, iPhone 6 plus was thrashed at 179 pounds pressure. When S6 Edge was revealed by the Korean manufacturing company, it stated that the phone is different from iPhone 6 plus and strong enough to bear the weight and pressure by users. Though, the test for the normal Galaxy S6 was little bit different, as it did not get curve screen that shows that it has more metal on one side. Furthermore, they also tested the latest HTC flagship phone M9 and it was able to tolerate a pressure of 120 pounds before getting destroyed. At 120 pounds pressure M9 died instantly as its power button also got destroyed. M9 was declared useless after the end of the channel’s test.

During the launch of iPhone 6 & 6 plus, most of the users complained that when they keep their phone in the pockets it get bend. Furthermore, “Bendgate” started to trend over the globe about how Apple Inc. was sacrificing on raw material and quality to manufacture its phones. Companies like HTC and Samsung Inc. also made fun of Apple and said that their smartphones were previously bit bend so that customer will get a perfect grip on the phone. Though, when HTC and Samsung launched the phones which were similar to the iPhones, then they understand that with manufacturing the device thin with more metal count will cause the change in figure of the device because of many reasons which are actually not in the hand of users.

The world is progressing in terms of smartphone manufacturing. As most of the companies are competing with one another. Apple acted in a smarter way and found out their weak points in regards to flagship devices and solved it. Comparatively, Samsung has not put the smartphones into potential users’ hands and if there are any problems regarding phone bending, and then get ready for another phenomenon of Bendgate becoming viral.


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