Apple promises to upgrade its Touch ID to improve security

Apple promises to upgrade its Touch ID to improve security 1

Apple Inc. oozes such class and beauty which has made the phone a benchmark of all other phones in the smartphone market. The company is engaged in selling and distributing its products and services in almost every part of the world. From Europe to Asia and Australia, the company has expanded its footprints in every possible country it can. Being one of the most demanded phones in the market, even in countries where advanced technology has not been introduced as much as in the developed countries, the demand for Apple iPhone’s is skyrocketing.

As being one of the best phones out there, the company always wants to give ultimate customer satisfaction. Hence various reports are coming that a new AAPL designed hints at big Touch ID upgrade. According to Forbes, “Patent applications often mean companies have to expose some of their closely guarded secrets and Apple is no exception. Now a new patent application from the famously secretive Cupertino Company has shed light on a potentially exciting upgrade coming to the Touch ID home button used on iPhones and iPads.”

Apple promises to upgrade its Touch ID to improve security 2

According to the reports given by Apple Insider, it is believed the new patent application is 13/918221 which hints at a massive upgrade and work on a Touch ID button which would not only be able to read fingerprints but also interpret finger gestures. This will further improve the safety and security of the user who are more oriented towards privacy and screen locks.

The bombastic title of this application is “Electronic Device Switchable to a User-Interface Unlocked Mode Based Upon a Pattern of Input Motions and Related Methods” and it will allow the user to unlocks with twists, swipes and patterns.

This application is made by the same developer named as Dale R. Setlak whose idea created the possibilities of the invention of Touch ID finger print sensors.

In a nutshell, this feature will be a big boost to the Apple’s security system as the new unlocking method will make it difficult for a third person or guest to get access of the phone that easily.

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