Amazon’s Echo is the computer of the future

Amazon’s Echo is the computer of the future 1Amazon has always kept on innovating in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction to its vast customer base all around the world. At first, the company main focus was to improve on its in-store and online stores deals, discounts, quality of products, and prices. Once its strengthened its position with its stores and Amazon Prime membership, the company has now come up with its latest innovative technology product, Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is dubbed as the computer of the future. It is designed in such a way that it can be a potential candidate to replace computers in the near future.

Amazon’s Echo is the computer of the future 2How cool will that be when instead of picking up a smartphone or touching a mouse, you could just say and ask a device various things such as, “Remind me to buy shampoo,” “Play some bluegrass music,” or “How many moons does Saturn have?” in the middle of your living room? Amazon unveiled its $199 priced tag technology device named Echo a few days back. Echo is a stand-alone smart speaker with a splash of Siri and no screen. It has a far-field microphone that can hear a voice clearly from across a room. Saying “Alexa” will wake up the device to perform certain actions. The device then will be ready to answer questions, provide news updates and set personal reminders.

Amazon’s Echo is the computer of the future 4It is believed that Amazon has taken this device to a whole new level as Echo takes the intelligence and voice-recognition of Siri and puts it someplace unexpected. Even when it is not functioning, Echo can hear and is waiting for that trigger phase to turn it on. CNN reports “If a music speaker can listen and reply to your voice, why not a connected thermostat like Nest? In a few years, we will fill our homes with “smart” clocks, refrigerators, TVs and security systems. Together, they’ll help voice assistants break out of single devices to be available anywhere in your house, car or workplace.”

Hence, as this device has great intelligence which could perform amazing actions, it will not be wrong dub it as the computer of future which will provide ease and convenience to the users.

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